Mercedes-Benz Luxury Vehicle Deals: Luxury Villa Sale Goes Live October 27th

Luxury villa sales have begun to open in Florida, and this time, the deals are bigger than ever.

This time, Mercedes-AMG has partnered with the Florida Landscape Design Museum and Landscape and Interior Design Center to open the new Mercedes-M-GLE Luxury Villas, which will be the largest and most luxurious luxury villas ever constructed.

Mercedes-Amigas Luxury Estate Estate villas, each priced from $5 million to $15 million, are expected to open sometime in 2018.

This will be Mercedes- AMG’s first major villas in Florida.

While the first two Mercedes-AMS Luxury estates have already opened, this is the first time that they have been able to offer these kinds of deals. 

The Mercedes-AMP Group, which includes the Mercedes- Benz group and Mercedes- Amigas Group, will be handling the project.

The first Mercedes-Amp Villas will be built in Florida’s Tampa Bay area, and they are scheduled to open for private tours in early 2019.