How to use Amazon Prime Day for free on your phone

The Amazon Prime day deal may be a thing of the past, but it’s still an important day for most people.

Here’s how you can save some money on your smartphone if you want to.1.

Download Amazon Prime and sign up2.

Get a free Amazon Echo 3.

Use Amazon’s app for free to unlock more of the Amazon Echo 4.

Watch Amazon’s live streaming video of the launch of the Prime Day deal (1:15:00)5.

Get access to free Amazon Instant Video6.

Use the Amazon Appstore to unlock even more of your Amazon Echo7.

See more about Amazon’s Prime Day event here:Amazon Prime Day Deals1.

Use a free Echo device to watch Amazon Prime content, including live video and Amazon Instant Videos2.

Free Amazon Echo video stream on any Amazon TV device, including Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire HD, and Amazon Fire S3.

Use Echo 3 for free with Alexa and Alexa Voice Remote4.

Watch live Amazon Prime video with Amazon’s Alexa, Alexa Voice remote, and a compatible Amazon Echo speaker5.

Access Amazon Prime with a compatible Alexa or Alexa Voice remotes and a smartphone6.

Watch video from Amazon Prime channels and content7.

Access and watch Amazon Instant video from the Amazon Video app8.

Watch Prime-exclusive TV shows and movies on your favorite streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu9.

Access the Amazon Alexa app and Echo smart home devices10.

Watch more than 1,000 TV shows, movies, and more with Prime membership11.

Get Amazon Prime Music, Movies, and TV shows on a variety of platforms including Apple TV, Roku, Amazon, Chromecast, Apple TV Stick, Chromecasts, and Android smart TVs12.

Access thousands of apps from the Google Play store, including the Google Search, YouTube, and Kindle apps13.

Watch exclusive movies, TV shows from the likes of AMC, ABC, NBC, Fox, Hulu, Amazon Studios, and Universal14.

Stream movies and TV episodes from Amazon Video, Hulu Plus, Netflix, and YouTube15.

Watch your favorite shows on Amazon Prime for free (and for free in some cases!) on any device (including your TV) with a smart TV connected to the Internet or Alexa-enabled devices like an Apple TV.16.

Use Alexa to make Amazon Prime shopping easier and to save money (including Prime Day shopping) with the Amazon Go app, Alexa, and Alexa-equipped Alexa smart devices like smart phones.17.

Watch new Amazon Prime movies and television shows available on Amazon Instant and Amazon Video.18.

Get more than one free Amazon Fire smart device to use on your home, work, or in your car to access your Amazon Fire TVs, Alexa devices, and other Amazon devices, including Alexa-compatible smart TVs, Google Home, and Apple TVs.19.

Use your Amazon Prime membership to get free Amazon Prime-only products from Amazon, including gift cards and discounts.20.

Learn how to save on Amazon’s other offers, including Prime Day events and more.21.

Get free Prime Day merchandise from the official Amazon website, including exclusive accessories and accessories and apparel, games, and toys.22.

Get your Amazon app on Android or iOS devices with Amazon Connect, a service that gives you access to Amazon’s apps on devices that can run on Android, iOS, and Fire TV.23.

Check out some of the best deals on and other products, including free shipping on many items, and get your free Prime membership on Amazon through the Prime Rewards app.24.

Get exclusive access to your Prime Day app on Amazon TV, where you can watch the show, shop, or even stream your favorite Amazon Prime videos from your Amazon TV.25.

Get an exclusive Prime Day TV show for free through the Amazon Prime App, which includes access to Prime Day live events and Prime Day content.26.

Get unlimited Prime Day video from your favorite channels, including HBO, CNN, Fox Business, MSNBC, CNN Digital, CNN Sports, and many others.27.

Access exclusive Amazon Prime offers including Amazon Pay, Prime Music Unlimited, and Prime Music Pass, and access to more than 600 million Amazon Prime members worldwide.28.

Learn more about the Amazon Fire and Echo devices that you can use to access Amazon Prime.