Exclusive: Gwen Stefani’s new luxury car is named after her ‘Vibe’

A new luxury sports car is being named after the British actress and her partner.

Gwen Stefan, the wife of singer-songwriter Steven Tyler, revealed the design of her new vehicle, which she said will be a “unique concept car”.

“It’s a really special car and the only way I can describe it is, like a vibrator,” she said.

“We’ve been talking about a new vibrator for a while and I’ve been looking at all the options.”

It will have a lot of vibrating technology in it, but the vibrating part of it is actually in the seat and you can see it in the design.””

It has this thing on it that can be set to vibrate, so you can feel the vibrations and you have the whole thing, and you’re able to hear them when you’re driving.””

You feel the vibration as you drive it,” she added.

The car’s name is the result of Stefan wanting to use her name for something positive, which was “a bit of a risk” but the singer-actor said it was “the only way we could do it”.”

Steven Tyler’s got a huge love for music and he’s a huge music fan, so when we were looking at what we wanted to call it we knew we wanted it to be a sexy and glamorous car,” she explained.”

There’s a lot to love about the concept but I wanted to be as unique as possible.

“So, we went with Gwen’s name for it, and I’m really excited about that.”

The model of the car is currently being tested in the UK and will eventually be unveiled at the London Auto Show.

“She was so pleased and she said she loved the idea, so I’m excited about this project,” Stefani said.

The designer also said she had “a lot of fun” designing the car and it was a “huge thrill”.

“I’ve had a really great time designing it and I think it’s the first car that I’ve designed where I think the design has really been taken to the next level,” she continued.

“I think it will be unique and it’s going to be an amazing thing to drive.”

“I love the vibe,” Stefan added.