Luxury beach house in Seattle gets luxury auto sales title Seattle luxury beach houses get luxury auto sale

The luxury beach home on Seattle’s waterfront got luxury auto transactions for $8 million, which is more than what other homes in the area got, a source close to the deal said.

The house is located in a community called Seattle Beach Village on the north side of Lake Washington near the Seattle waterfront.

The buyer is a private equity firm and the seller is a real estate agent who has been negotiating with the buyer since last summer, the source said.

They’re close to a deal that would have sold the house to the buyer for about $5.5 million.

The buyers real estate attorney told The Seattle Times the buyer is interested in selling the house.

The seller is looking for an affordable, well-maintained home in the Seattle area, the agent said.

A listing on the home’s online listing indicates the property has four bedrooms, two baths, two and a half baths, a private backyard and an open deck pool.

A neighbor told The Associated Press the property is on the market for $7 million.