How to get the best airbnb rates for luxury apartment in Chicago

Airbnb is not available for the majority of the Chicago area, so you might be tempted to go to one of the major cities in the United States that does have the app.

The most popular option is New York, where the site has more than 300,000 listings.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s the best option for Chicagoans, as some are getting charged way too much for rentals that are just as good.

According to data from, some Airbnb guests are paying a whopping $6,700 more per month than they’re allowed to.

Rentz calculated that this is for a one-bedroom apartment in the city, with the room rent set at $2,400 a month.

That means guests are renting out two bedrooms and one bathroom for $2.50 per night, while the standard two-bedroom price is $1,400 per night.

For example, if a guest booked a one bedroom, the standard rate would be $2; if they booked two bedrooms, the price would be only $1.50.

To get the exact same rate, they would need to rent out one bedroom for $3,000 a month, and one for $1 per night (or $2 per night).

Rentz also found that Airbnb’s standard rates are way too high for the quality of rentals in Chicago.

The average room rate for Chicago is $839 per month, according to Rentz, compared to $1 in San Francisco.

That’s an extra $2 a month that Airbnb would be paying out of pocket for each room they rent.

Airbnb rates also take into account that the owner will need to keep a certain number of listings open for the duration of the stay.

It’s not the cheapest option, but it does include some of the best options.

As for the rental of a luxury condo in Chicago, it would cost about $9,000 to rent an apartment for $8,000 per month.

In that case, guests would need a minimum of 12 listings for a total of 14 units.

If that sounds like a lot, you can save a lot of money by renting a luxury apartment for just $1 a night.

It would take a little longer to rent a two-bedroom apartment, but that could be a big bonus if you can live in one of those homes.

If you’re looking to rent in Chicago for an airbnb experience, Rentz recommends checking out Airbnb Chicago.

If you’re not familiar with the service, it’s a great way to find out if you’re in the right place for an Airbnb experience.

You can find more details on how to register for an account here.