‘It is the most beautiful’ bedroom for $1,700

The apartment that comes with its own kitchen and bathroom is the perfect luxury for a wealthy Israeli man who wants to live his life with a “luxury look.”

The $1.7 million apartment is located in Tel Aviv’s upscale neighborhood of Tel Aviv City.

It features a contemporary, modern design with its white marble floors, red-tile walls and stainless steel doors, and is decorated with a variety of colorful furniture, including the iconic marble bathroom that comes equipped with a shower, toilet, sink, bathtub and tub.

The apartment’s unique décor, which includes a pink and blue striped bathroom wall, is designed to be used for intimate moments and is a perfect fit for a man with a high-end lifestyle.

The “Luxury” bedroom comes with an open-air living area, a living room with a marble-clad toilet, a separate bathroom with a separate shower and bathtub, and a bathroom with two sinks.

The room also comes with a large marble sink and shower, as well as a private toilet, according to the listing.

The listing notes that the bathroom is located on the second floor, making it “the most beautiful and luxurious bathroom in the entire apartment.”

A total of five bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and two bathrooms are also included in the price, which is $1 million, as are two bedrooms and a guest bedroom.

The apartment’s total value is estimated at $1m.

The listing states that the apartment has an elevator and is available for rent for $500 a month.

This story was updated at 12:45 p.m. with details about the property and a statement from the landlord.