The latest on luxury brands and their products

Luxury brands are expected to see more growth in India, the latest data from India’s consumer research agency said on Wednesday.

Key points:Villas in the US, Australia, France, Britain and Germany have seen a significant rise in luxury brands over the past few yearsIn India, luxury brands are still a niche market, it saidThe rise in sales in the Indian market is also attributed to the rise in demand for luxury goodsThe report also said luxury brands were still a very niche market.

The report from consumer research firm IIFL said luxury goods and products had a growth rate of about 9% over the last two years in India.

India was the second-largest market for luxury brands, behind China, where they sold 6.8% of the market.

The country’s second-biggest market, South Korea, saw sales rise by 11%.

In India the luxury brands have a growth of about 8% year-on-year, according to IIFL.

In France, sales increased by 4.3%.

In the UK, luxury goods sales grew by 9.4%.

In Germany, luxury sales grew 10.5%.

In France, luxury products sales grew 13.5% year on year.