Mercedes-Benz inking a deal with luxury carmaker Le Mans to develop its own luxury sports car

A deal between luxury carmakers Mercedes-Benzes luxury brand and Le Mans-based racing-related company Maserati has taken shape.

The German automaker has signed a deal to develop the next-generation Mercedes-Le Mans sports car, the company announced Wednesday.

The Le Mans program is aimed at developing and manufacturing Le Mans cars for global markets.

Mercedes-Maserati CEO Ulrich Hahn said the new car will be based on the Mercedes-AMG C63 supercar.

“The C63 was built to the highest standards, so this new model will be a luxury sports sports car that will compete with the likes of the Mercedes and BMWs,” Hahn told the newspaper.

Mercedes also said it has entered into a partnership with the Le Mans race-based car club, which will support Mercedes-BMW, and the FIA World Endurance Championship.

Mercedes is expected to have its first car ready for competition in 2019, though details about that date are still being worked out.

Maseratis luxury brand will build the C63.

Mercedes says the Mercedes C63, with a top speed of 186 miles per hour, has a top end of 190 mph.

The car will have an interior that is designed to be stylish and feature the latest technologies.

Mazzerati, Mercedes’ top-end rival, has developed its own racing-oriented model, the Mercedes AMG C35, which goes even faster, with top speeds of 188.2 mph.