Luxury pet home plans get a boost from new president, CEO

Luxury home owners in Los Angeles will soon have a new president and CEO who will make the city’s pet rental market stronger.

The new president of the LA Housing Authority, Chris Lehrman, will take over for the outgoing David Hulsey who has been with the city agency since 2009, according to a news release from the LA City Council.

Lehrmans term will end June 30.

The city agency has about 3,000 properties, according the release.

It is the largest housing agency in the United States.

Lehrman is an architect, real estate consultant, and real estate attorney, the release said.

His company, LAM Architects, was hired to design new luxury apartment buildings and commercial real estate for the LA area, which will include more than 1,000 homes and office buildings.

The council passed a resolution that Lehrmann’s appointment is not an official announcement of a new leadership team.

It called the move a “long-awaited and historic step” in the citys revitalization.

In addition to Lehrmen, the LA housing authority has appointed three members to its board of directors, including LAM CEO Brian P. Williams.