How to buy a $600,000,000 house in Hoboken, New Jersey

The biggest home in Hobokens New Jersey was bought in 2010 for $600 million by a hedge fund manager named James Simons, and it has gone on to fetch a $621,000 per-square-foot asking price in Hobokes home market.

According to a listing from the same firm, the mansion is one of three properties in Hoboks city center that sits on a former quarry. 

The mansion, which sits on the corner of Hoboken Avenue and South Broad Street, was built in 1919.

The home was renovated in 2003. 

Its estimated price is $6,838,000.

According a New York Post article from last year, the property was purchased for $619,000 in October, but a year later the asking price jumped to $839,000 before dropping back to $690,000 today. 

Hobokens real estate agents tell us that it has been used as a home base for celebrities and business people to live out of. 

“The home was originally designed to house a young couple, but the couple decided to renovate the home to serve as a retreat for family, friends, and colleagues, and now that the residence is in the midst of remodeling and remodeling is now the place where they live,” the listing states. 

When asked for comment, Simons said he does not comment on speculation.