Amazon launches luxury furniture store, luxury editions

Amazon has launched a luxury furniture stores in New York and Los Angeles, where the online retailer has seen a surge in sales over the past year.

The stores will open on Oct. 1 and offer more than 100 items ranging from furniture and mattresses to books and video games.

The stores will also feature a new digital platform for customers to purchase items online.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has been trying to convince the public that its e-commerce business is growing quickly.

The online retailer is trying to counter what it sees as an unfair advantage it enjoys over brick-and-mortar retailers in attracting shoppers to its ecommerce platforms.

It launched Amazon Prime last year and is trying again to get shoppers on board with Prime Video and other streaming video services.

But Amazon has been struggling to find ways to get people to buy its merchandise and to attract them to its sites and apps.

Its new stores, which will be based in the U.S. and will be run by New York-based e-tailers, will give Amazon an even more significant presence in the city and other major cities.

Amazon also plans to open a new flagship store in Seattle.

It is the latest move by Amazon to expand into new markets.

The online retailer opened its first store in Mexico City last year.

Last year, Amazon opened a second store in Germany.

Last month, Amazon announced it was expanding its eCommerce presence in Hong Kong.