$500K ‘Piercing Glass’ with diamond-cut diamond design, $5K diamond-studded glass terrarium

Diamond-cut glass terraces and glassware have become a popular way for luxury designers to display their wares.

The luxury designer Piers Morgan recently spent $500,000 on a new terrarium at his New York City home.

The $5,000 glass terrace features a diamond-shaped diamond cut into the glass that can be seen through the glass in the image above.

Morgan recently opened a new glass terracing for his home at his new luxury home, the home of Piers, on May 18, 2018 in New York, New York.

The terrace’s diamond-colored glass panels will be cut by a jeweler, creating a $5 million glass terrasse for Piers to view from his window.

The home is being sold to a Chinese buyer for $4 million.

This is one of the first terraces built with diamond cut glass.

Piers says the terrace has been designed with a diamond cut and diamond-style diamond, which allows for a large, open area for viewing.

Morgan’s new terrace is a luxury terrace designed by Tiffany and has a diamond shaped cut.

A $5k terrace built by the designer has an open space for viewing and is an impressive display for the designer, Morgan told Forbes.

The glass terras can be used for any occasion and cost $5.5 million to $10 million, Morgan says.

The diamond-like cut of the glass is a nod to Morgan’s passion for the art of jewelry making, the designer says.

Morgan is not alone in his desire to build a glass terrase.

The owner of the $5m terrace says she would like to build her own terrace.

The designer, who is also the owner of a luxury home in Los Angeles, said the $10m terras at her home were designed with glass panels that were cut from diamond-bladed glass.