Which is the best luxury apartment in Hoboken?

New Jersey residents are starting to make some noise about their favorite apartments.

Hyatt Hotels, a chain of luxury hotels, announced Monday it’s expanding to Hoboken, a city about 15 miles north of New York City, where it plans to open a new luxury apartment complex.

The move is likely the latest example of New Jersey’s trend toward more upscale, boutique hotels, which tend to be more expensive than their New York counterparts.

Some critics have complained that these upscale hotels have limited dining options, so they are less likely to be popular among locals.

Hyatts plan to create a $1.9 million resort in the city.

The company, which opened a boutique hotel in New York, said it expects the new development to attract “the very best of the best,” including “a high-end boutique hotel, upscale restaurants and nightlife.”

New Jersey also has some of the highest housing prices in the country.

It has some the highest median incomes in the nation.

And the state has some more affordable apartments than any other state.

The New Jersey Department of Housing and Community Development estimates that 1,800 new units of housing will be built in Hobart by 2025, compared with 2,400 new units in the state as a whole.